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new development OPTIONS

‘Locatable Residences’

Getaway.  The locatable residence provides an escape from the maddening crowds, with one, two, three or four luxury en-suite bedrooms, kitchen, dining, lounge, with 30/m2 alfresco living. 

Save. Can be financed for less than the 20% deposit NZD150,000) required to buy a NZD750,000) two-bedroom city apartment of the same 60/m2 size.  

Self-Contained. Rainwater harvesting, a choice of composting toilet or onsite septic tank, solar for lighting and gas for heating and no body corp fees, 

Luxury Options. Self-contained kitchen, wardrobes, TV, desk, chairs, luxury queen, double, single king beds or bunk options with the choice of alfresco furnishings.

‘Generational Living’

Popular Option. Approx 20% of the population today live in multi-generational households that include two or more adult generations or both grandparents & grandchildren.  

Generational living. The one-bedroom 72m2 home features a family kitchen, dining, lounge, en-suite bedroom, alfresco terrace with two self-contained 36m2 bedsits.  

Duplex Option. A two-bedroom duplex option designed with a family kitchen, dining room, lounge and an alfresco terrace and awning. 

Bedsit Option. Subject to zoning, the 144m2 Multi-Key house can also be in four separate self-contained en-suite bedsits, each with an alfresco patio and awnings.

‘Lifestyle Bedsits’

Desperate Need. Statistics show almost 200,000 of New Zealand’s 1,900,000 houses are vacant, 391,000 have just one occupant, 969,000 just two occupants and 340,000 family homes. 

Lifestyle Choices. Escape Living lifestyle bedsits provide an ideal option for singles and couples to live in luxury surroundings from just NZD200 to NZD500 per week.  

Ageing Population.  The more than 800,000 retirees can also ‘Follow The Sun’ or ‘The Snow’ with the option of selling or renting their existing house.

Affordable Options. Tenants can arrive with only a suitcase or a backpack and pay an advance rental of 28 days, updated every 14 days—no need for a long-term rental agreement.

‘Rest And Enjoy’

Popular Pastime. Camping became popular during the 1920s. Farmers offered camping on their land, usually for a fee, and the public could pitch their tents for free in public places.  

Government Support.  In 1937 the Physical Welfare and Recreation Act authorised local authorities to provide recreational needs, resulting in municipal campgrounds. 

Annual Holidays. The yearly Holidays Act 1944 granted all workers two weeks of annual leave, ensuring that almost everyone could afford an annual holiday.    

In Later Years. Later in the fifties, sixties and seventies, rental cabins with powered spaces for caravans and self-propelled campervans were introduced.

‘Community Living’

Approved Land. Papakainga Housing includes 1.5 million hectares of Maori freehold land approved for cluster housing further supplemented by 175,000 four-hectare lifestyle sections.    

Less Than NZD396,000.  A 144m2 house and land infrastructure ownership. The multi-keyed home has a private mum and dad en-suite bedroom with kitchen, dining and lounge with two 36m2 bedsits.

Tenants Enjoy. Government paid beneficiary allowances, fruit and vegetables, electricity, healthcare, community and on-site recreational facilities.

Generational Living. Significant lifestyle benefit living in a self-contained, environmentally friendly community within a short 15 minutes drive of a supermarket.

‘The House That Stands’

Personal Development. The on-site and functional Authentic Education curcumin provides post-college students with employment or business options or a university degree career choice.   

Community Services. Include accommodation options, conference rooms, practical business and service centres, hospitality, healthcare, wellness with recreational facilities.

Essential Business. Trade, construction, primary and secondary food production, marketing and sales,   renewable infrastructure & energy, transport and trade options.  

Prime Objective. To reduce unemployment, move families back to their rural environment to work the land to produce more sustainable and healthy lifestyles. 

‘Lifestyle Parks’

Affordable Alternative. New Zealand citizens now have the opportunity to live in a modern luxury self-contained ‘Be-Free’ locatable residence or holiday home. 

Prices Starting At NZD80,000. Save up to 90% in capital outlay compared with purchasing a permanently located holiday home for NZD800,000

Licence To Occupy. Options include parking in an ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle park in selected locations throughout New Zealand.  

Similar Concept To Marinas. Similarly, opportunities now exist to establish ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle parks for modern affordable ‘Be-Free’ locatable residences and holiday homes.

‘Minor Dwellings’

Guesthouse. Minor Dwellings can ideally serve as guest houses. The guests have both privacy and excellent access to the main house.  

Gatehouse. Minor Dwellings can ideally serve as a gatehouse where guests register before entering the secure compound of the main house.  

Retirement. A large percentage of Minor Dwellings provide secure affordable accommodation for grandparents and are usually configured to meet their requirements. 

Multikey. Minor Dwellings provide multi-key accommodation with two bedsits with private decks on either side of a communal kitchen, dining, lounge and deck.

‘Fractional Ownership’

Fractional Ownership. Or Investment Trust Ownership (ITO) describes direct property investment as a percentage share of owning property. 

Substantial Savings. Fractional Ownership also allows multiple unrelated parties to share in the actual ownership without any need to borrow money.   

Full or Part-Time. Fractional Ownership makes sense because most people don’t have or want to live in a vacation resort the entire year. 

Global Club. New Zealand, Samoan, Cook Island, Canadian, and the USA development opportunities are available for investment.

‘Affordable Living & Business Centre’

Live. Convenience and luxury. Your private direct access en-suite bedsit with optional alfresco outdoor living 10m2 balcony

Enjoy. The carefree lifestyle. Cook a meal and dine on the private alfresco living deck, workout in the gym, jog or bike in the city’s parks, attend the latest movie, visit the nearby art gallery or library. 

Work. Walk just metres, catch the lift to the bright, airy, spacious and well-equipped business office with hot seat work stations or hold a meeting in our twelve seat boardroom  

Play. Breakfast with coffee, tea or lunch in our café. Invite a friend or join the other guests for dinner and participate in the hi-fi vinyl, surround sound theatre or live music.

‘Live The Dream’

Surroundings.  The view is stunning. The location is superb. The interior design, fit-out, lighting, furnishings, and table settings are elegant and in place.

Luxurious. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room or on the alfresco balcony—or a late evening cognac in front of the fire. The sumptuous bedroom adjoins an en-suite and walk-in robe   

Prestigious. Your very own personal paradise. Is it time to retire to downsize and release capital for investment, are you single, or have you lost a loved one or decided to go it alone? 

Travel. Lock the door in the knowledge that you can leave and travel for the period your suite is vacant. The optional on-site management will keep your asset in superior condition

‘Global Training & Research Centre’

Affordable Housing. The Councils have mismanaged housing development, to the extent that housing costs three times more than what the average wage earner can afford.  

Is Your House Killing You? The World Health Organisation certifies that 68% of human diseases are related to indoor air pollution. NZ has the second-highest cancer and asthma death rates in the OECD. 

Safe-Food. The majority of our food is grown and produced with polluting NPK fertilisers and toxic to humans herbicides and pesticides.   

Natural Environment. Councils continue to develop with unsustainable earthworks, sterile, subdivisions with off-site polluting water reticulation, sewerage disposal and energy generation.


Is This You? Are you strapped for cash, new to the city, or just plain lonely?  Or are you retired, wish to rent out the house, follow the sun, see the world and live in several repeat global locations throughout the year.

Minimise Risk. Moving to a new city, you may not want to commit to 12 months at an apartment, sight unseen, and risk losing a sizable deposit if things do not work out. It’s a far less risky proposition to house-share in a Future House Millennia village.

Save 75%.  Costing just 25% of owning a conventional house, enjoy your private bedsit, wardrobe with a full bath en-suite with designer space reserved for use as a lounge, recreation and optional work area complete with a wet bar, refrigeration and coffee machine.

Enjoy The Luxury. Share the bespoke kitchen with formal dining, hi-fi surround sound entertainment, and a luxurious lounge setting with your friends. Enjoy the spacious all-weather terrace, second kitchen, food and drink bar, extending into a private sunny courtyard with alfresco dining, sauna and plunge pool.  


from an annual

‘Escape Living’ - Lifestyle Bedsit House Profit from an Additional

Rental Bonus

Rental Comparison: Enjoy the $3,000 (more or less) combined weekly rental from our ‘Future House’ adaptive designed ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsit house. The rental from four en-suite bedsits & the four other self-contained en-suite studios. The Escape Living, lifestyle bedsit 312m2 house is of a similar size including decks to an architect-designed five-bedroom with two bathrooms, a games room, study, lounge & two-car garage house that will rent for only $1,000 a week.

Outgoings: Both houses will incur similar mortgage interest, insurance, council rates, tenancy & facility management fees & costs.

‘Multi-Key’ - Generational HouseProfit from an Additional

Rental Bonus

Rental Comparison. Enjoy the $1,000 (more or less) combined weekly rental from our ‘Future House’ generational designed ‘Multi-Key’ house of a similar 144m2 build size, including decks as a three-bedroom, one-bathroom, one-car garage house that will rent only for $500 a week.   

Outgoings: Both houses will incur similar mortgage interest, insurance, council rates, tenancy & facility management fees & costs.

‘Be-Free RV’ - Residences Profit from an Additional

Rental Bonus

Rental Comparison: Enjoy the similar  $500 weekly rental from the Future House designed 60m2 two en-suite bedrooms ‘Be-Free’ locatable residence costing only $150,000, of a similar 60m2 build size including decks as a city two-bed, one-bathroom apartment costing $750,000.  

Outgoings: Be-Free of the city apartments $600,000 mortgage and interest, additional insurance, council rates, body corp fees, tenancy & facility management fees & costs.


the lifestyle

Find out how to enjoy up to 25% positive cash flow from vacant land to the rear or side of your existing house, holiday home, investment property or deferred development. Book a free appointment to review investment, bulk and location and finance options.

Save 50% on proven rental designs that will pay down your ‘Escape Living’ (lifestyle bedsit house) after-tax in less than ten years located on your or our land. Enjoy the freedom obtained from the subsidised living and bonus rental income.  

Receive a free report on maximising tax-free wealth from the equity earned in the initial development, growth from the demand by investing in limited land areas where people with cash want to live, and leverage capital gain through inflationary periods.

Request today a quotation for an ‘Integrated Hybrid Component System’ flat-pack with the on-site assembly and installation. Ensure double building code quality. Eliminate the use of organic materials that provide food for mould, the principal cause of asthma deaths.

Book a Health and Safety house audit. Check that your house is not the cause of ill health or death caused by EMFs, VOCs and radon gases, toxic moulds & pathogens. Check that your house structure is not compromised by fire, flood, tsunamis, geo-pathic stress & earthquake.

Receive regular free ‘Duty Of Care, insurable and uninsurable risks & succession plan audits. Obtain regular free reports of how tax-effective entities & management strategies minimise local body taxes, GST, CGT, depreciation & tax-free equity cashouts.

Be referred to a qualified mortgage professional for a free debt audit and apply to obtain an instant cash line of credit. Take advantage of the free checklists and self-audits to ensure all other investment or business debt is ring-fenced and not cross secured over your home.

Develop your own management business utilising the Future House tenancy & facility management system. Take advantage of the option to use an existing tenancy & facility manager to provide you with their professional services.

Gain market knowledge & implement proven strategies of when to revalue, re-finance, cash-out & re-invest. On average, every 7.24 years, New Zealand property has experienced a booming market where values often double followed by up to 50% distressed sales.


on the

Save in the land acquisition & due diligence, its finance, the development proposal, bulk & location & development feasibility. Design to the existing contours to eliminate expensive earthworks & retaining walls. Locate the building on piles above the ground to provide a healthier, more sustainable home with substantial savings in build time, labour & materials. 

Duplication of the design & the design renderings, working drawings, specifications & compliance saves up to 50%. Further, the ultimate location of the house on the land, with provision for edible landscaping & parking, the bedroom design & en-suite layout, internal & external multi-key access & storage together provides additional materials & labour savings.

Compliance consultants quote to subdivide one additional section up to NZD200,000 in fees & costs. The unnecessary time delays can cost at least a further NZD100,000 in loss of or rental cost to obtain Resource Consent. Save the NZD300,000 & invest the cash in a debt-free minor dwelling and receive an en-suite two-bed debt-free ‘Be-Free’ locatable residence as a bonus.

Henry Ford saved both in time & the skilled labour cost in the mass production of the Model T components and then a further 80% in both time & qualified labour cost on the assembly line. Ford no longer had to hire skilled labour in the component manufacture. Ford could also employ low-skilled workers & teach them a few simple steps in the assembly process.

The direct factory supply of the materials required to manufacture the Future House build components can save up to 40% by eliminating the traditional multi-layered material supply margins. The assembly of the components on-site by low skilled workers can save up to 80% in build time & skilled labour.

Financial advisers have a reputation of promoting new houses located in new subdivisions at a premium above the direct developer’s price. Also, homes in a new subdivision just over the fence in the years to come will usually sell at a much higher price as the new house is modern with fit-out choices often with attractive finance & other incentives on offer.

BUILD on your or our land

Existing House

Create Wealth. According to zoning, check if an option exists to locate to the rear of your existing house an ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsit house designed with nine (two levels) or thirteen (three levels) en-suite lifestyle bedsits. Or a ‘Multi-Key’ one-bed family house with two en-suite bed-sits. Or a 65m2 ‘Minor Dwelling one-bed with one en-suite bed-sit or shared living with two en-suite bedsits with decks and a two-car garage. 

Bonus Rent. Find out how to profit from an additional NZD3,000 (more or less) of weekly rent from an ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsit (Two-level design) located to the rear of an existing house on a 1200m2 single house zoned current house section. 

Find out how to profit from an additional NZD4,500 (more or less) of weekly rent from an ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsit (Three-level design) located to the rear on an 800m2 mixed-use urban zoned existing house section.

House Relocation

Create Wealth. Subject to zoning, an option exists to relocate the existing house and develop a second ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsit on the current house site, further doubling the rental yields obtained. 

Bonus Rent. Now profit by up to NZD6,000 (more or less) weekly rental from the two ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsits in a single house zone and NZD9,000 (more or less) in a mixed-use urban zone. However, the rental obtained will be subject to the city, building location, quality of fit-out & the terms of the tenancy.

Vacant Land

Free Check. Take advantage of a free appointment to check if, subject to zoning. An option exists to select and develop a combination of the Future House adaptive designed, ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsits, ‘Multi-Key’ generational dwellings, ‘Minor Dwellings’ & ‘Be-Free’ residence rental options.     

Report Bonus: Subject to a review of the proposed development site, Future House will prepare a free bulk & location of the selected adaptive house designs to meet the criteria of the council zoning, including a visual rendering presenting the completed project supported with a due diligence report & feasibility study.

Integrated Hybrid Construction System

Pounamu Apartment Hotel


Eleven George




Kate Sheppard Apartments


to Find out


Create  Generational Wealth

Receive regular newsletters with updates and options on how to: 

Profit from the Future House design & build Escape Living lifestyle bedsits, Multi-Key generational & Be-Free locatable residences rent bonuses that double & even triple average market yields. 

Save up to 50% on land & building platforms, design & specifications, consultants & compliance, time, labour, material supply & build cost.   

Enjoy a managed investment lifestyle with the Future House tenancy & facility management systems, compliance, and finance and investment management services.

Obtain Development Savings

Receive regular newsletters with updates and options on how to: 

Profit from the development savings through your ownership of a Future House’s ‘Integrated Hybrid Component Fabrication Plant’ (IHC) that pays for itself in the investment & the construction of just one ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsit house on your land.  

Save with no franchise fee cost to obtain a Future House IHC, component design & construction system, equipment & plant & on-site component assembly. 

Enjoy the Future House qualified management & staff training. 

Profit From On-Site Assembly

Receive regular newsletters with updates and options on how to:      

Profit by the on-site component assembly of Escape Living lifestyle bedsit, Multi-Key generational & Be-Free locatable residences.   

Save through the duplication of the Future House designs, direct factory material supply & onsite assembly of the build components.    

Enjoy the training & culture, the participation in the development & build opportunities, the onsite build support & profit from the reduction of both the build time & the qualified trades required.


Copyright & Licensing Rights

It is illegal to copy the designs and renderings, the construction, investment and management systems from this website or used for commercial purposes without the approval in writing or a licence agreement between yourself & the Future House Trust.

Future House reserves the right to license all or part of its Intellectual Property rights to qualified applicants. To apply for a FREE Future House Licence that sets out the terms, conditions, & ownership of use, press here

Global Team

Over the past fifty years, the development team has designed and developed more than one billion dollars of multi-key rental residential property in New Zealand and further funded many sizable multi-key apartment & housing developments in Australia. The development team currently has projects located in New Zealand & the Pacific Islands, Australia, the USA and Canada.

The global team has considerable experience in establishing and training mortgage & duty of care professionals. The professional team has conducted training programs at the Australian Reserve Bank training facilities located in Kirribilli, Sydney & then further developed 28 Duty of Care service offices throughout Australia.


Prefabrication: Generally is understood as a factory-built house delivered completed to the site. Prefabrication still requires the use both in the factory and also onsite of skilled labour. (Builder, plumber, electrician, tiler, stopper, painter etc.)  With the additional cost of expensive transport & both factory and onsite cranage, a prefabricated house can cost more than an onsite build


Module: Generally understood as a factory-built significant part of a house. For example, a bathroom still requires the factory use of skilled labour (Builder, plumber, electrician, tiler, stopper painter etc.). With the additional cost of expensive transport & both ex-factory and onsite craneage, a factory-built bathroom can cost the same as an onsite build. 

Component: With design duplication, the direct manufacturer supply of materials and the mass factory construction of the bathroom components, two low skilled workers with a qualified builder can physically place in position the components and complete two back to back bathrooms on a wet wall component in just one morning or afternoon and save up to 80% of the traditional labour cost.

Obtain FREE a Future House licence. Attend training, and our tutoring architects & engineers will explain in detail the seven Future House IHC component construction systems that incorporate the use of sustainable materials for the on-site assembly of the unique adaptive design & build housing systems.


With your input, the referred team of specialists at your request will complete checklists to review: The performance of your existing investments, your attitude to risk, current debt risk, insurable & uninsurable risk, succession, business & tax entities. This service is free for those that attend a Future House Wealth Creation Workshop. All application costs will either be a quoted brokerage fee or provided free by a qualified professional.


Our Distributor will initially suggest an appointment to view the area, location of your land, potential building platform, existing buildings demolition or use, the likely house or project design, finance options, feasibility, rental options and then, at your request, prepare a bulk and location and rendering of the completed project.


Several independent tenancy reports can be provided, including a visit to view existing rentals.

Investment Options

Future House will initially suggest a no-obligation appointment to view the location of your land & its existing buildings & then further discuss the potential development house option, finance options, feasibility and rental options.

Future House will develop a computer rendering showing the selected house options on your land with existing foliage, neighbouring buildings etc.

Subject to a mutual agreement, the Future House Team will prepare bulk & location drawings, followed by working drawings & specifications for submission to the Council.

An RMA is not necessary for a Sleep-out, Minor Dwelling or Be-Free locatable residence. Discuss your proposed housing options & the potential cost of preparation and submission of an RMA if one is required.

Future House will provide a quotation to prepare the bulk & location, working drawings & specifications required to submit the Building Consent for all buildings over 30m2.

Request a quotation and book a delivery slot. The Flat Pack DIY option also provides an opportunity to live in the building shell providing a further saving in rent during the time taken in the fit-out.

Both long & short term options are available, particularly in the ‘Out of the Way’ parks & the ‘Whare-tu Community’ developments which are currently in the process of being located in more than 25 regions throughout the Pacific Islands & New Zealand.

Business Options

For an appointment to discuss options, please express your interest by filling out your contact details & email the Take Action form. 

For an appointment to discuss options, please express your interest by filling out your contact details & email the Take Action form.

For an appointment to discuss options, please express your interest by filling out your contact details & email the Take Action form.

For an appointment to discuss options, please express your interest by filling out your contact details & email the Take Action form

Take Action !

Secure Your Future

Regular ‘How-To’ Bulletins

Valuable invest or sell audit. Future House 15 design and build options obtain 4x rental yields with up to 40% development savings. Enjoy up to 100% take-out finance with risk and tax minimisation options.