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Affordable Luxury

Is This You? Strapped for cash, new to the city, or just plain lonely?  Or are you retired, wish to rent out the house, follow the sun, see the world and live in several repeat global locations throughout the year?

Minimise Risk. Moving to a new city, you may not want to commit to renting an apartment sight unseen and risk losing a sizable deposit if things do not work out. It’s a far less risky proposition to house-share in a Future House Millennia Terrace.


Save 75%.  Costing just 25% of owning a conventional house, enjoy your private bedsit, a full bath en-suite, designer wardrobe, with space to be enjoyed as a lounge, recreation and optional work area complete with a wet bar, refrigerator and coffee machine.

Enjoy The Luxury. Share the bespoke kitchen with formal dining, hi-fi surround sound entertainment, and a luxurious lounge setting with your friends. Enjoy the spacious all-weather indoor terrace, alfresco kitchen, bar, sunny courtyard with dining, sauna and plunge pool. 


Modern Fit-Out

Modern Design. Despite being more affordable than a comparable apartment, co-living designed terraces do not skip on fitout and furnishings. Modern design schemes consist of simple-yet-clean colours and textures, industrial elements, stone and natural wood. 

Urban Location. Proximity to the urban core of the suburb or city with public transport, restaurants, bars, recreational parks for walking and biking or an alternate choice is a unique beach, lake or mountain back to nature resort.  

Spacious Surroundings. Enjoy the spacious surroundings of your own private 30/m2 bedsit/ensuite plus a choice of either a 25% or 50% share of the spacious 60/m2 formal kitchen/dining/lounge and its second 60/m2 alfresco kitchen/bar/dining/lounge/sauna & pool.

Wealth Creation

Affordable Investment

Terrace Ownership.  Blend in modern harmony from two to four levels with private access for one, two, four or six tenancies. With a unit development budget of only NZD 500,000, the owner investor can afford an NZD 50,000, 10% deposit. 

Affordable Investment. Live-In with a small mortgage or share with a partner. Ideal first home, and when the family arrives, provides the opportunity to upgrade to a stand-alone family house. Later in retirement, the Millenia is the almost perfect live-in or rental property when on tour.  

Investment Trust. Own the complete two, four, six apartment building with choices of; Generational Living; Live and work and play use of space; Or short or long term rental options that provide well above average rental yields.

Social Options

Quality of Life

Enjoy The Company. Almost 30% of older adults, young professionals, stay-at-home parents 

and single people routinely spend extended periods at home alone. No matter how lonely they may feel, living alone is not to be with Millennia Living Co-Share.

Share The Cost. Benefits of not living alone also include making the indoor, alfresco and garden chores much less time consuming when shared. When divided amongst two or three occupants, water, electricity, gas, and internet bills become more affordable. 

Quality Of Life. Until well into the nineteenth century, heaven was represented not as a community of families but as one large community of friends.