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Locatable Residences


Self Contained Residences

Getaway.  Your locatable residence or holiday home provides an escape from the maddening crowds, with one, two, three or four luxury en-suite bedrooms, kitchen, dining, lounge, with 30m2 alfresco living. All beautifully fitted out with very affordable furnishing options for less than NZD150,000.

Save. The 30m2 four-axle Be-Free locatable residence with an optional 30m2 alfresco living (total 60m2) can be financed for less than the 20% deposit (NZD150,000) required to buy an (NZD750,000) two-bedroom city apartment of the same size. Save the (NZD600,000) apartment mortgage and interest. 

Self-Contained. ‘Be-Free’ locatable residences are self-contained with rainwater harvesting, with a choice of composting toilet or onsite septic tank with greywater drip line (no council water, sewerage or rate charges), solar for lighting and gas for heating and no body corp fees, 

Luxury Options. Depending on the design, each ‘Be-Free’ contains a self-contained kitchen, wardrobes, TV, desk, chairs, luxury queen, double, single king beds or bunk options. The 30m2 alfresco living area has a self-contained food prep & wash area, barbeque, refrigerator, six-seat dining table and lounge area.

Live-In Benefits

Alternative First Home

Place Of Rest. Enjoy the environment, get back to nature, simplicity, feel the energy and the all-inclusive lifestyle. ‘Be-Free’ locatable residences or holiday homes can be located on private land or our License to Occupy ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle parks.  

Affordable Alternative. The ‘Be-Free’ option is an affordable alternative for first home buyers, single moms, dads, and superannuants and an alternative to building a detached sleep-out to an existing house. ‘Be-Free’ from debt utility bills, council rates & unnecessary stress.  

Do It Yourself. The ‘Be-Free’ locatable residence can also be delivered on its trailer for onsite assembly as a flat pack. Temporary and permanent locations can also include land to the rear or side of a house, as a holiday home, on a farm, temporary workers accommodation or camping ground.  

Options Include. NZD40,000 one bed (DIY) up to a luxury NZD250,000 four en-suite bed residence or holiday home with the choice of its location on your land or ‘Licence To Occupy’ on our land.  Low rent provides a first home deposit saving option. Be debt-free with a three or five-year finance package.

Wealth Creation

Initial Cost Covered In Five Years

Rental Bonus. A 60m2 ‘Be Free’ locatable residence costing less than NZD150,000 can earn the same NZD600 weekly rent (subject to location) as a 60m2 city apartment costing NZD750,000, five times more. The ‘Be Free’ locatable residence can net rental up to NZD30,000 or 20% nett return on its initial cost.

Minimum Overhead. After deducting the further bank interest and principal costs of the additional 80% apartment mortgage, council rates, body corporate fees, insurance, council rates, tenancy & facility management, the city apartment will have a negative yield

Location Choices. ‘Be-Free’ locatable residences can be parked to the rear or side of an existing house or holiday home, on deferred property development land or in an ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle park. Tenants will include singles, couples, twin-share, separated, retirees, seasonal workers and tourists.

Licence To Occupy. ‘Be-Free’ locatable residences or holiday homes can be located on private land or our ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle parks under a 99-year License to Occupy land-use agreement without Resource Management Consent and up to NZD200,000 in subdivision costs.

Social Benefits

Up To Twelve-Bed Options

Meet The Desperate Need.  Government & Social agencies can have affordable, sustainable, healthy locatable residences built on a road-registered trailer temporarily located on existing land set aside for new development, saving the taxpayer billions of dollars.

Housing Options. Choices include a 30m2 en-suite queen bedroom with kitchen/dining, lounge, with separate 30m2 alfresco living.  A 30m2 en-suite queen bedroom with kitchen/dining and four bunk room with 30m2 of alfresco living. A two en-suite queen bedsit. A three en-suite, queen bedsit.

Cabin Options. Choices include three self-contained en-suite four-bunk rooms, each with 10m2 of alfresco living—two to twelve-bunks temporary or seasonal worker self-contained accommodation with weekly rentals from just NZD100 per person.      

Job Opportunities: The factory-produced component built ‘Be Free’ locatable residences and cabins are assembled by unskilled labour, with onsite delivery and installation providing job opportunities with huge material and labour savings.

Secure Your Future

Regular ‘How-To’ Bulletins

Valuable invest or sell audit. Future House 15 design and build options obtain 4x rental yields with up to 40% development savings. Enjoy up to 100% take-out finance with risk and tax minimisation options.