Mixed Use - Town Square

Subject to a commercial or a mixed-use urban zone the Future House Mixed-Use town square development provides for commercial operators, owners & tenants of all ages and financial circumstances opportunity to live in harmonious, affordable luxury, modern yet classic, sophisticated quality residential accommodation with business offices, showrooms, retail shopping, hospitality, a central marketplace & recreational facilities.     

Zoning: Commercial & Mixed-Use Urban zone.

Location: Mixed Use located on three sides of the Village Square with cultural buildings on the fourth side.  

Tenancy: Ground-floor: Multi-key showroom & retail. First-floor: Multi-key office & residential. Second-floor: Multi-key residential.

Development: Designed for the redevelopment of a run-down commercially zoned areas. Ideal modern design for the development of a new subdivision.

Out of The Way
Accommodation & Tourism Park

Adaptive, Be-Free RV accommodation & tourism park centred around a unique branded permanent hospitality facility.  

Location: Within a one hour drive from a city centre or on a tourist route with linking bicycle & walking tracks and or shuttle service.  

Tenancy: Affordable serviced accommodation units to include: Economy (shared bunk units) Premium Economy (private en-suite units) Business (up-market lodge suites). 

Development: The ‘Out of the Way Accommodation & Tourism Parks’ provides the potential for accommodation & tourism developments on Indigenous, Government, Council, church, school, rural or privately owned land.

Whare-tu - Village

To be located adjacent to or around a village market place that provides community services, a market promoting local produce & recreational facilities the Future House, ‘Escape BnB’, ‘Multi-Key’ and ‘Be-Free RV’ designs provide affordable residential housing.  

Zoning: The preferred Whare-tu Village location can be a multi-level city development or in a country setting with predominantly single-level dwellings. 

Location: The illustrated development is adjacent to an Auckland university & consists of five-level, multi-key, multi-generational “Escape BnB with up to 80 en-suite bed-sitting rooms per building with disabled facilities and access. 

Tenancy: This potential  $240 million development also includes: Educational facilities, meeting rooms, museum, hotel, gymnasium, swimming pool, restaurants, convenience store & health care facilities.

Development: The ‘Future House’ designed ‘Whare-tu Village’ development provides the potential for subdivisions on existing land including, Indigenous, Government, Council, church, school, rural & privately owned land.