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Affordable Living

Desperate Need. Statistics show that almost 200,000 of New Zealand’s 1,900,000 houses are vacant, 391,000 have just one occupant, 969,000 just two occupants, and 340,000 family homes with three or more occupants. New Zealand desperately needs ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsit community housing.

Lifestyle Choices. The average marriage age is now 30.4 years for males and 29.2 years for females. Of the 20,000 who get married each year, 10,000 get divorced or die. Escape Living lifestyle bedsits provide options for singles and couples to live in luxury surroundings from just NZD 250 to NZD 500 per week.  

Ageing Population.  The more than 700,000 retirees can also ‘Follow The Sun’ or ‘The Snow’ to sell or rent their existing house and invest in or rent several local ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsit houses or Escape Living lifestyle bedsits in preferred resort locations.  

Affordable Options. Tenants can arrive with only a suitcase or a backpack and pay an advance rental of 28 days, updated every seven days—no need for a long-term rental agreement, expensive furniture removal, and bond payment. Ideal for those with a business as rentals can include a GST refund. 

Live-in Investment

Business Option

Live-in Apartment. To meet your choice of kitchen, lounge and one or more bedsits and still net up to NZD 100,000 as of the live-in owner. Rent the balance of the bedsits, which share the alfresco kitchen and coffee shop with the private front door entrance and bedsit access. 

Investment Yields. An investment two-level ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsit house can earn NZD 3,000 (more or less) weekly rental and three-level bedsit house NZD 4,500 (more or less) weekly rental.  En-suite bedsits feature a wardrobe, refrigerator, microwave, TV, desk with queen or single beds.  

Business Tenants. Ideal for living, working and playing. The business tenants can also claim a GST refund from the cost of their ‘Escape Living’ business operation and a business deduction as an actual working from home business expense. 

Reinvest. An ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsit house is a genuine business; when claimed, the GST will reduce the initial investment if borrowed and the interest saved with the investor having the option to invest in a second or further ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsit house.

Wealth Creation

Return On Investment

Finance.  Obtain up to 100% land and construction finance with deferred settlement builders terms. Save up to 50% on design through duplication. The copyrighted design drawings, specifications and renderings are provided but are subject to specific bulk and location and building consent costs. 

Save. Save up to 80% in labour and 30% in materials using the copyrighted and patent-protected Future House ‘Hybrid Exo-Skeleton Twin-wall Component Build’ system. Instead of a six to ten-month build, allow just one or two months and save up to 80% in holding costs.  

Profit. With the development of an ‘Escape Living’ bedsit dwelling, the landowner can receive tax-free the development profit as ‘Equity’ plus the average annual ‘Growth’ as calculated by the Reserve Bank and ‘Capital Gain’ determined by leverage, the house location, bespoke design, quality and area demand.  

Cash Out. Obtain above-average ‘Comparison’ ‘Cost To Replace’ and ROI Valuations. Save the development equity, direct factory supply material margins, design duplication, time and labour, marketing and sales costs and obtain a ‘GST Refund.’Refinance, Cash-out and Reinvest’.

Social Benefits

Ten Bedsit Houses

Community Housing. Short-term and permanent accommodation in preferred locations with health & living facilities with private entry, lift access, and mobility features needed for older retirees or individuals looking to share a house at minimum cost to the tax-payer. 

Short-Term Accommodation. ‘Escape Living’ community lifestyle bedsit options provide a perfect transitional and emergency housing solution for Government, council, indigenous, church or family-owned land developments.

Build On Existing Land. The ‘Escape Living’ design provides both the Government and social agencies a perfect opportunity to build affordable, healthier housing for tenants. This relocatable sustainable housing alternative can return up to 20% (more or less) excluding land on the added value building cost.

Employment. The factory-produced Future House ‘Hybrid Component’ building systems,  ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsits with onsite assembly by unskilled labour offers job opportunities with considerable savings through duplication of design, direct factory supply of materials, savings in both time and labour.

Secure Your Future

Regular ‘How-To’ Bulletins

Valuable invest or sell audit. Future House 15 design and build options obtain 4x rental yields with up to 40% development savings. Enjoy up to 100% take-out finance with risk and tax minimisation options.