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Paradise Living

Stunning. Every day is noteworthy regardless of the weather.  The view is breathtaking, and the location is superb. The interior design, fit-out, lighting, furnishings, and table settings are elegant and in place.

Luxurious. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room or on the alfresco balcony—or a late evening port or cognac in front of the fire. The sumptuous bedroom adjoins an en-suite and walk-in robe with an optional executive office with a guest suite.  

Prestigious. Live at country values. Your very own personal paradise. Is it time to downsize and release capital for investment?  Are you single? Have you lost a loved one or just retiring with style? 

Flexible. Enjoy both the local and the global Future House investment or rental options. Lock the door in the knowledge that you can leave and travel for the period your suite is vacant. The optional on-site management will keep your asset in superior condition, empty or tenanted.  

Live The Dream

All-Day Every Day

Unbelievable. Practise as a gourmet chef and surround yourself with designer appliances, the gourmet stocked pantry, alfresco barbeque, hot plate cooking, and dining supported with optional classes. Pour yourself and your friends an ale, cocktail, single matt whisky or sample the connoisseur’s wine collection.

Unforgettable. Go for a walk, mountain bike, swim in the pool, lake or sea, workout in the gym, play indoor or lawn bowls, tennis and basketball. Practice your skill with a pistol, visit the rifle range or go skeet shooting. Enjoy a game of golf, fishing, scuba dive or surf and then relax in the sauna after a massage.

Entertainment.  Enjoy whiskey blues, music awards, the X-Factor, the classics, whatever your taste,  audiophile vinyl system, home theatre surround sound, blu-ray collection and online streaming, grand piano, drums, guitar, bass and wind instruments.  

Be Pampered. Enjoy mono, twin-hull sailing, jetski, fishing, motorboat or motor yacht adventures, motorhomes, four-wheel-drive overland vehicles, e-bikes, aircraft, helicopter, classic, and muscle cars with luxury and sports hire cars. Book the visiting hairdresser for a casual or formal evening.  

Investment Trust


Secure Ownership. ‘Investment Trust’ ownership describes direct property investment as a percentage share of owning property, and it also allows multiple unrelated parties to share the actual ownership without borrowing money.  

Substantial Savings. Investing in an ‘Investment Trust’ has its upsides. It is comparable to investing in conventional real estate with the benefit of the increasing value but requiring a smaller up-front investment with less maintenance and taxes than purchasing an entire property.

Live-in Or Rent. Investing in ‘Investment Trust’ is prevalent in resort real estate, similar to the co-living model where people buy shares in the real estate instead of renting. It makes sense because most people don’t have or want to live in a vacation resort the entire year. 

Global Partnership. Future House will consider entering into a 50% profit share with institutional and private investors in The Club or its other International developments in New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Cook Islands, Canada, and the USA.    

Fractional Ownership


Development. An NZD four million multi-unit midrise building apartment might be affordable to a small number of institutional investors and wealthy individuals. Splitting ownership of the apartment into three-month occupancy allows four entities to own an NZD 1,000,000 share.  

Secure Share. You own a safe quarter share of the real estate and are issued a deed for the property. Your share of the real estate rises as the home’s value rises with the market, just like whole ownership, while enjoying the benefits of a lifestyle property at a fraction of the cost.

Tax Savings. The investment can be GST registered as a business, with a refund of the GST. The depreciation, interest, tenancy, and facility management costs become tax-deductible. The fractional ownership share can also provide valuable rental income.  

Peace Of Mind. Fractional Ownership also means sharing the burden. You can own a fractional share in several locations with professional interior decoration and fit-out and on-site tenancy and facility management to ensure security, bookings, tenancy, cleaning and maintenance. 

Future Options

The World Your Oyster

Affordable. The Future House ‘Magic’ apartments can be owned for less than NZD 2,000,000 or just NZD 500,000 for three months occupancy and can be mixed and matched to a Fractional Ownership NZD 1,000,000 ‘The Club’ Residence.  

Lifestyle. Follow the sun or the snow either on land or water. Spend three months in Queenstown, three months on a tropical island, three months in the Med and three months in the Americas. The choice is all yours. Current projects include New Zealand, Samoa, Cook Islands, Vancouver and the USA. 

Flexible. You only live once. Enjoy the lifestyle with family and friends. Invest and sell if you wish later, or leave the ownership for your family to enjoy. While there is almost unlimited land, minimal areas provide such beauty with unparalleled luxury.

Create Wealth Own a share in the title. Maximise tax-free wealth from the equity earned in the initial development, growth from the demand by investing in limited land areas where people with cash want to live and capital gain through leverage.

Secure Your Future

Regular ‘How-To’ Bulletins

Valuable invest or sell audit. Future House 15 design and build options obtain 4x rental yields with up to 40% development savings. Enjoy up to 100% take-out finance with risk and tax minimisation options.