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Intensive Development

Business-Mixed Use. The zone provides for residential activity as well as predominantly smaller-scale commercial activity. Provisions typically enable heights up to four levels; greater height may be enabled in areas close to the city centre, metropolitan centres and larger town centres.   

Redevelopment. The rezoning has provided the opportunity to cash out existing non-performing & often run-down investment properties and reinvest in the growth of new vibrant, profitable mixed-use developments providing seven-day incomes for commercial tenants from on-site customers.

Benefits. Land with existing council infrastructure, also known as brownfield development, typically costs developers more than greenfield land; however, brownfield development benefits the city in several ways through existing infrastructure while expanding a city’s footprint does not.

Savings. Brownfield developments use existing infrastructure and public transport and impose fewer external costs (like long-distance congestion) on other transport networks and provide shorter travel distances to amenities.

Urban Living

Live Work And Play

Tenancy. Own or lease. Both small and large spaces can be available from co-share to long term leases. Residential options include ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsits to one, two, three, or more bedroom apartments. The choice is yours but subject to availability.  

Ground-floor: Multi-key showroom, retail, restaurant. The location may be in a lane, street frontage, or around a village market square. During the day, seasonal produce & crafts are available, and in the evening, the square converts to a theatre or dining table set with an entertainment stage.   

First Floor. Multi-key office. Commercial activities could include fitness facilities, educational, cultural, universal, functional healthcare clinics, and temporary live-in treatment studios. Retail businesses, offices, and residences have stair and lift access.  

Second & Third Floors. The design layout and the mixed-use business zoning provide the perfect live-in accommodation. The second and third floors can also be ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsits with a shared office, conference rooms and showroom.  

Social Benefits

Community Living

Multi-Use. The penthouse residences, apartments and ‘Escape Living’ lifestyle bedsits can have multiple uses as offices, staff, university or private school students, grandparents, sons or daughters who require a degree of privacy and independence and housing close to work.

Live, Work And Play. Both owners and tenants now can have the opportunity to live in the penthouse, work from their Multi-key office, work out in the gym on the first floor, market and sell in their Multi-key showroom or retail shop and dine in the restaurant on the ground floor. 

No longer fight the traffic.  Enjoy the options of live work and play options supported with conveniences on your doorstep. En-suite bedsits furnished with single king beds provide affordable living for just per person NZD 200 a week supported with on-site multiple job opportunities. 

Lifestyle. Future House mixed-use development provides commercial operators, owners & tenants of all ages and financial circumstances an opportunity to live in harmonious, affordable luxury, modern yet classic, sophisticated quality residential with on-site offices, showrooms, retail & hospitality.

Wealth Creation

Secure Your Future

Cash Out & Reinvest. Opportunity to cash out existing non-performing & often run-down investment properties & reinvest in a vibrant, profitable new development with seven-day incomes for commercial and residential tenants with flourishing businesses from on-site customers.

Architecture. Generally of similar design and three to six levels in height, either built in a modern terrace style with a walled garden frontage or more commercial with gallery street decor. The upper-level apartments feature alfresco balconies and roof gardens. 

Parking. Each tenant, owner, employee, or visitor can rent or own a car park in a strategically located purpose-built building within a short walking distance with drop off and pick up at the ground floor door.

Ownership. The majority of the apartments will be privately owned, while the offices and retail areas in principal will be tenanted.  Developments are generally located in the fringe city and suburban locations with limited on-street parking and conveniently located parking buildings. 

The Future

Council Support

Greenfield Development. New development on land has, in most cases, been rural farmland. Most of Auckland’s new suburban developments have become sterile, lonely, often ugly places with dreadful mundane cheap and nasty small terraces with minimal architectural flair.  

Infrastructure Cost. With Auckland’s growth, the Auckland Council’s Future Urban Land Supply Strategy (FULSS) has estimated that traditional greenfield infrastructure will cost around NZD 140,000 per dwelling, without consultants fees, land and marketing, far more than in brownfields. 

Community Developments.  Provide commercial operators, owners & tenants of all ages and financial circumstances an opportunity to live in harmonious, affordable luxury, modern yet classic, sophisticated quality residential accommodation with on-site offices, showrooms, retail & hospitality. 

Enjoy The Lifestyle. The more desirable developments are around a village market square. On three sides of the village market square, mixed-use buildings with cultural & civic administration facilities on the fourth side ideally with a village green.

Secure Your Future

Regular ‘How-To’ Bulletins

Valuable invest or sell audit. Future House 15 design and build options obtain 4x rental yields with up to 40% development savings. Enjoy up to 100% take-out finance with risk and tax minimisation options.