Mixed-UseUrban Developments - Village Square & Civic Centre

Development Options

Cash Out & Reinvest: Opportunity to cash out existing non-performing & often run-down investment properties & reinvest in a vibrant, profitable new development. 

Investor Benefits

Multi-Purpose & Use Tenancies. Seven-day incomes for commercial tenants from on-site customers.

Residential: On-site business owners & employees living & spending local without the need for costly transport or travel for the occupants.  

Tourists: Both local suburbs, out of state & offshore tourist dollars.  

Seasonal Travellers: Residential Escape BnB provides both long & short term accommodation at a reasonable cost for the follow the sun or snow, climate travellers.  

Retirees: Provides excellent retiree alternatives & advantages to retirement village living.

Singles: Great for single mix & mingle, get to know with bar, cuisine & entertainment all on-site.  

Business Use: The en-suite bedsit options include an office, permanent accommodation or temporary accommodation for out of town visitors.  

Social Benefits

Jobs:  Provides residents with jobs in the creation of a vibrant village centre.     

Transport: Live, work & play all within walking distance.  

Affordable: En-suite bedsits furnished with single king beds from just per person $125 a week.