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Affordable Living & Business Centre

Live. Convenience and luxury. Your private direct access en-suite bedsit with optional alfresco outdoor living 10m2 balcony, furnished with a queen bed, lounge chair, desk, TV, large wardrobe with storage close to shopping, business and transport.  

Enjoy. The carefree lifestyle, bask in the sunshine or cook a meal and dine on the private alfresco living deck, workout in the gym, jog or bike in the city’s parks, attend the latest movie, visit the nearby art gallery or library. 

Work. Walk just metres, catch the lift to the bright, airy, spacious and well-equipped business office with hot seat work stations or hold a meeting in our twelve seat board room with coffee, tea and refreshments from the on-site cafe.

Play. Breakfast with coffee, tea or lunch in our café, or enjoy the sunrise or sunset on the rooftop alfresco garden. Invite a friend or join the other guests for dinner and participate in the hi-fi vinyl, surround sound theatre or live music.


Convenience and luxury

Desperate Need. Statistics show almost 391,000 of New Zealand’s 1,900,000 houses have just one occupant, 969,000 just two occupants, and 340,000 family homes with three or more occupants. Future House No Name lifestyle bedsit, business centres are for many the future.

Lifestyle Choices. The average marriage age is now 30.4 years for males and 29.2 years for females. Of the 20,000 who get married each year, 10,000 get divorced or die. Live and conduct business in luxury surroundings from just NZD200 to NZD500 per week.  

Ageing Population.  The more than 800,000 retirees can also ‘Follow The Sun’ or ‘The Snow’ with the option of selling or renting their existing house and investing in or renting in a prominent city location a Future House ‘No Name’ lifestyle bedsit and business centre.  

Affordable Options. Tenants can arrive with only a suitcase or a backpack and pay an advance rental of 28 days, updated every 14 days—no need for a long-term rental agreement, expensive furniture removal, and bond payment. Ideal for those with a business as rentals can include a GST refund business saving. 


A Fantastic Business

Live-in. With your own private front door entrance, your choice of kitchen, lounge and one or more of the bedsits and still net up to a 15% yield, the live-in owner can rent and tenant the balance of the bedsits, with the shared alfresco kitchen and coffee shop.

Gross $20,000. With four 12 bedsit pods, a Future House, ‘No Name’ bedsit/business centre can gross $20,000 (more or less) weekly rental subject to zoning from a three-level design. All en-suite bedsits feature a wardrobe, refrigerator, drink cabinet, microwave, TV, desk with queen or single beds.  

Tax Deductible. The investor can claim as a tax-deductible expense a portion of their accommodation and business expense. The tenant can also claim a GST refund from the cost of their business operation as an actual working from home business expense. 

Reinvest. The ‘No Name’ lifestyle bedsit and business centre as a genuine business; when claimed, the GST will reduce the initial investment and, if borrowed, the interest saved. The GST refund can provide the investor with an option to invest in a second or further ‘No Name’ lifestyle bedsit business centre.


Fund, Save, Profit, Wealth

Fund.  Obtain up to 100% land and construction finance with deferred settlement builders terms. Save up to 50% through the design duplication. The copyrighted design drawings, specifications and renderings are provided but are subject to specific bulk and location and building consent costs. 

Save. Find out how to save up to 80% in labour and 30% in materials using the copyrighted and patent-protected Integrated Hybrid Component Building Systems. Instead of a 6-10 month build, allow just two months further, saving up to 80% in holding costs.  

Profit. Maintain long term ownership and maximise tax-free wealth from the equity earned in the initial development, growth from the demand by investing in limited land areas where people with cash want to live and leverage capital gain through inflationary periods.  

Wealth. Earn 12% (more or less) on both land and build and 24% (more or less) on just the build cost. Achieve above-average comparison, replacement and ROI valuations.  Obtain a GST refund.  Qualify for up to 100% refinance and reinvest

Future Options

Higher Density Choices

Development Savings. Four three-level bedsits with infill community kitchen and cafe, hot seat business centre, conference room and alfresco dining in mixed-use urban zoning can accommodate forty-eight bedsits saving the council in roading, infrastructure and expensive, polluting subdivisions.

Double Rental Yields. Brownfield developments provide the opportunity for government, councils, social agencies and private investors to re-develop quality, sustainable, healthier housing alternatives that can offer double rental yields while still providing affordable rental accommodation.

Global Investment. A self-funding opportunity exists for individuals or corporations to expand, invest and develop a ‘No Name’ bedsit business centre global network. Private entry, lift access with mobility features for young and older retirees or individuals with on-site meals and nearby health & living facilities.  

Job Opportunities. The Future House factory-produced ‘Hybrid Component’ built ‘No Name’ lifestyle bedsit business centre with onsite assembly by unskilled labour offers job opportunities with considerable savings through duplication of design, materials, time and labour.

Secure Your Future

Regular ‘How-To’ Bulletins

Valuable invest or sell audit. Future House 15 design and build options obtain 4x rental yields with up to 40% development savings. Enjoy up to 100% take-out finance with risk and tax minimisation options.