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The Sky is The Limit


High Rise Living

Be Amazed. Hundreds of millions of people were amazed at the video of a 30 story build in 360 hours in the second week of 2012. See Youtube: Changsha – China’ & ‘Chinese build 57-story skyscraper in 48 days.’ 

71 Levels. Six stars centrally located tower with a six-level mixed-use business & shopping centre that incorporates luxury lifestyle facilities taste the world in the restaurants enjoy the designer and boutique shopping experience.  

Luxury. Concierge parking with casual rental use of prestige cars & motor yachts moored at the nearby marina. Secure ownership, live in or rental options. Ideal for those that wish to follow the sun or the snow.

Unique. Super affordable and convenient living environment, including fractional ownership options, business and retirement living. 


Simply The Best

Central location. The developers are proud to present the opportunity to participate in the development of NZ ONE, a luxury multi-use development strategically located in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. The location is central to Auckland transport, entertainment, marina and designer retail precinct.  

Prime Development. NZ ONE location on an entire city block with three street frontages provides a desirable retail footprint with prime exclusive street access and excellent light, air and views for the hotel suites and apartments.

Luxury facilities. NZ ONE will consist of a luxury hotel, apartments with concierge parking, health centre, gym, spa and pool. The development includes a separate connected commercial building with offices, restaurants and designer retail shopping levels supported with five basement parking levels.

Panoramic Views. The hotel and apartments directly above the four-level entry foyer all have panoramic views of Auckland City, Manukau and Waitemata Harbour to Great Barrier Island to the North, the Coromandel Peninsula, the East and beyond the Waitakeres to the West Coast.


Quality Healthy Affordable

Sustainable.  Recyclable materials, durable, quality build with steel consumption reduced by up to 20%, concrete consumption reduced by up to 90% and building waste less than 10% of conventional building systems.  

Health and Safety: The hotel is engineered and built to withstand nine (9) magnitude earthquakes. There is no need for scaffolding as all internal fitout and external curtain walls are on the construction cassettes and craned into place.

Conservation. The advanced automation level is higher than the most intelligent buildings globally and five times more energy-efficient. Air Purification, 20 times The World Health Organisation certifies that 68% of human diseases are related to indoor air pollution. No fire, water, dust, welding on-site.  

Joint Venture. A New Zealand/Chinese joint venture construction contract has been entered for the Chinese manufacturing company to prefabricate the building components, ship them to New Zealand, and store them close to transportation development to the site craned into position.


Construction System

Basement Car Parks. The New Zealand construction company has budgeted six months to demolish the existing structures, build the one street frontage structural support of the existing five-level facade, excavate, and build the five-level basement car parks.

Cassette System. The 3.9m x 18m cassette mainboard is factory completed, with floor and ceiling finishes. The mainboard includes pillars, bracings, doors, windows, walls, sanitary and kitchen wares. Embedded in the mainboard are the ventilation shafts, plumbing, electrical wiring, outlets and lighting. 

Installation. For the riggers to insert the bolts and tighten the nuts. The installation of the steel lift shafts and stair core, the clear span beam barrel + five-level post support structure and the floor and ceiling mainboards, at up to five levels a day to the full height of 71 stories, would take just one month. 

Completion. Then a further four months for the final attachment of the glass and composite curtain walls and the internal fit-outs and furnishing.

Future Options


Time Savings. Conventional construction would take four to five years.  The additional rental obtained, the saving in interest and finance costs, the ability to refinance and cash-out, and build not one but up to four similar buildings in the same four year period provides hundreds of million dollars of additional equity.    

Construction Savings. The engineering design of the earthquake-resistant structure, the curtain wall exterior sheathing, the internal configuration, and the fit-out have been instrumental in maximising the reduction in build time and labour by up to 80%,  material costs by up to 30% and finance costs by 75%.   

Tallest Tower. At 71 levels & 221 metres in height provides, a public viewing lounge, data transmission spire, 15% of extra revenue-producing balcony sky garden areas & the luxury tenancy mix add premium per metre valuations. Together when capitalised at 10%, provide an additional NZD400,000,000 of equity.  

Completed Valuation. The building illustrated original construction, including the land was NZD550,000,000 with a gross realisation valuation of NZD800,000,000. The complete gross realisation is now closer to 1.5 billion dollars with further building cost savings of NZD150,000,000.

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