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An Affordable Alternative. New Zealand citizens have the opportunity to live in a modern luxury self-contained ‘Be-Free’ braked & towable RV residence or holiday home. An affordable alternative to the traditional permanently located residence or holiday home.  

Optional Holiday Home. Self-contained Future House designed ‘Be-Free’ towable homes or bach options (several of which include alfresco living in up to five 30m2 modules) have been fabricated (to meet the Building Code) and are available throughout the country.  


Similar Concept To Marinas. Boats have been secured on piles, in boat parks and in specially built marinas for more than 100 years. Similarly, opportunities now exist to establish ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle parks for modern affordable ‘Be-Free’ towable residences and holiday homes.

Licence To Occupy. When not on the road, the owner can, with a ‘Licence To Occupy’, park their ‘Be-Free’ residence or holiday home (with the additional option of a trailered boat) in their choice of an ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle park in selected locations throughout New Zealand.  


Towable Housing

Affordable Secure Lifestyle

Option To Relocate. Often called land yachts: Motorhomes, ‘Be-Free’ towable residences and holiday home alternatives provide an affordable choice to semi-permanently locate a holiday home while cruising the country and then choosing an alternative ‘Out Of The Way’ location for more extended periods.

Secure Lifestyle. The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association has over 54,000 individual members. However, membership is restricted only to certified self-contained motor homeowners, with many requiring affordable and secure lifestyle locations to park their motorhome and, for many, a boat. 

Redevelopment. For the short term use of potential high-density development of urban land, towable housing provides the ideal solution for emergency and transitional housing with the option of re-location to a new ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle park for future development.  

Enjoy The Lifestyle

Own A ‘Out Of The Way’ Park

Low Deposit. Locate two ha of desirable land within a short drive from a supermarket and healthcare in a future urban zone, fringe city location, lifestyle, farm, beach, river, lake or mountain and survey one house site with up to sixty ‘License To Occupy’ spaces. 

Profitable Business. Build a modern barn style ‘Out Of The Way’ ten bedsit house share farmhouse with office and self-cooked alfresco dining with spacious Be-Free towable residences & motorhome land spaces of 100/m2, each with additional parking for two cars & a boat.

Additional Incomes. The ‘Licence to Occupy’ management includes managing the ‘Be-Free’ towable residences, mountain bikes, e-bikes, scooters, canoes, paddleboards, boats, and food and restaurant sales.

Optional Distributorships.  The ‘Out Of The Way’ investment options can also be licenced to market on-site the Future House expansive affordable housing range: Whakata, Be-Free, Minor Dwellings, Multi-key, Papakainga, Escape Living No Name and Millennia showhomes.

Social Options

Housing Options From NZD 80,000

Massive Affordable Housing Needs. Twenty-six thousand statehouses were on the waitlist, the population of a city the size of Dunedin up from 4,000 just four years ago. This number is only the tip of the iceberg as many more individuals & families live in old mouldy caravans, garages & even sleep in cars.

One Million Dollars A Day. The media has reported that the New Zealand Government is spending one million dollars a day on emergency and transitional accommodation and on what has become almost semi-permanent motel accommodation. 

Statehouse Waitlist Solved. At no cost to the public, one million dollars a day would provide debt-free ownership of twelve Be-Free modern self-contained two-bedroom dwellings of a similar motel 30/m2 size and fit-out (A total of 4380 a year)—the actual annual increase in the statehouse waitlist. 

Healthy Affordable Living. Vast areas of zoned Future Urban land, ideally suited for the relocatable parking of ‘Be-Free’ towable residences, are currently sitting idle. Affordable Be-Free self-contained housing parked on land already set aside for new development would save the taxpayer billions of dollars.  

Secure Your Future

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Valuable invest or sell audit. Future House 15 design and build options obtain 4x rental yields with up to 40% development savings. Enjoy up to 100% take-out finance with risk and tax minimisation options.