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Locatable Residences Or Holiday Homes

Affordable Alternative. New Zealand citizens now have the opportunity to live in a modern luxury self-contained ‘Be-Free’ locatable residence or holiday home. An affordable alternative to the traditional permanently located holiday home.  

Save. A ‘Be-Free’ self-contained locatable residence or holiday home starting at only NZD80,000 can save up to 90% in capital outlay compared with purchasing a permanently located holiday home for NZD800,000.


Licence To Occupy. When not on the road, the owner can, with a Licence To Occupy, locate their ‘Be-Free’ locatable residence or holiday home (with the additional option of a trailered boat) in their choice of an ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle park in selected locations throughout New Zealand.  

Similar Concept To Marinas. Boats have been secured on piles, in boat parks and specially built marinas for more than 100 years. Similarly, opportunities now exist to establish ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle parks for modern affordable ‘Be-Free’ locatable residences and holiday homes.

Housing Options

Huge Growth Industry

Permanent Dwellings. Locatable homes or baches and self-contained motorhomes are becoming an ever-popular and smart housing option. Despite the Government and Councils, outdated rules and regulations, locatable home construction businesses rapidly expanded their production capacity with long waiting lists.  

Huge Interest. New Zealand and International manufacturers display their extensive range of locatable house products at the Auckland, Waikato and Christchurch expos with tens of thousands of people in attendance and annual sales in the hundreds of millions.

Optional Holiday Home. Self-contained Future House designed Be Free locatable homes or bach options (several of which include alfresco living in up to five 30m2 modules) have been fabricated (to meet the Building Code) throughout the country.     

Secure Lifestyle. The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association also has over 54,000 individual members. However, membership is restricted only to certified self-contained motor homes owners, with many requiring affordable and secure lifestyle locations to park their motorhome and often a boat. 

Investment Options

Lifestyle Park Business

Deposit From NZD200,000. Options to develop ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle parks in future zoned urban or fringe city locations, country or near a beach, river, lake or mountain for Licence To Occupy often within a short drive from a supermarket and healthcare.   

Potential NZD500,000 Turnover. Can be obtained from an ‘Out Of the Way’ lifestyle park with the permanent development of one barn style ten bedsit house, office and self cook alfresco dining and fifty spacious parking spaces of 100m2 each including additional parking for two cars and a boat.

Profit Centres. Rentals from the Out Of The Way lifestyle park business include the Licence to Occupy business owned and the tenancy management of the ‘Be Free’ Licence To Occupy residences, mountain bikes, e-bikes, scooters, canoes, paddleboards, boats and food and restaurant sales.

Optional Distributorship. The Future House house investment options can also be licenced to be marketed on-site, including Whakata, Be-Free, Multi-key, Minor Dwelling, Escape Living and Papakainga showhomes with on-site security gate access solar, water harvesting, sewerage and dump station.

Social Options

Housing Options From Nzd60,000

A Million Dollars A Day. The media has reported that the New Zealand Government is spending one million dollars a day on emergency and transitional accommodation on what has become almost semi-permanent motel accommodation to house those on the State House waitlist.

Waste Of Cash. One million dollars a day would provide permanent ownership in just one week of 70 modern self-contained two-bedroom locatable dwellings of a similar motel 30m2 size and fit-out. Over six thousand (3500) debt-free additional transitional residences could be added to the housing stock every year.

Land Available. Vast areas of both public and private land ideally suited for locatable parking of ‘Be-Free’ residences is currently sitting idle, with the development requiring no environmentally damaging sub-division earthworks and 100% privately funded self-contained infrastructure.   

Future Development. For the short term use of potential high-density development of urban land, locatable dwellings are the ideal solution to provide emergency and transitional housing with the option of re-location to a new ‘Out Of The Way’ lifestyle park at the time of future subdivision development.

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