Out of the Way ‘Lifestyle Living’

Development Options

Available Land: Explore the Future House unique ‘Out Of The Way’ superb locations throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and North America.

Land Ownership: Both freehold & up to four generational (112 years) leases are available.    

Finance Available: Future House provides its affordable construction system with a cost-effective supply of sustainable construction materials often supported with local Government tourism development subsidies.   

Locations: Ideally within a one hour drive from a city centre, on a tourist route located at least every 50k (a day’s bicycle ride) walking tracks, boat and or shuttle services. 

Investor Benefits

Lifestyle: Safe & healthy, adaptable, one & two-level, eco-designed & self-contained resort housing for both personal & rental use. 

Affordable: Spacious, well thought out, quiet, place of rest. For those on a budget be debt-free with a three or five-year finance package. 

Cash Flow: Developers can now establish a Future House community on their deferred property development land or in an ‘Out Of The Way’ development located in a rural zone. 

Family Development: Large family landholdings often with no existing source of supporting income now have the opportunity to be a joint venture funded project. 

Social Benefits

Lifestyle: Three months in a vibrant destination (Queenstown, NZ) three months winter sunshine in the South Pacific (Cook Islands) three months city life (London, Paris, Manhattan, Sydney) and three months enjoying friends, cuisine & good wine or a sea cruise (The Med or the Caribbean). 

Follow The Sun or The Snow:  Retirees can now have the option of renting their own home or downsizing to a smaller lock-up unit or even up to owning an Escape BnB and afford to travel with the sun or snow. 

Affordable:  Rental of an existing house and or both rental and an attractive income from the ownership of an Escape BnB & enjoy the friendly & safe locations for as little as $150 per week per person (en-suite twin share Be-Free RV) to $150-$250 per week  per person (ensuite twin-share Escape BnB) to $500-$1,000 (ensuite twin-share Lodge)  

Development: The ‘Out of the Way’ Lifestyle Park’ provides the potential for lifestyle & tourism developments on Indigenous, Government, council, church or family land.