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People Before Profit

Approved Land. Papakainga Housing includes 1.4 million hectares of Maori freehold land approved for cluster housing (Hamlets), further supplemented by 175,000 average size four-hectare lifestyle blocks.  Altogether 2.4 million hectares currently sit idly by, grazing a few horses, the odd cow and a few sheep. 

For Less Than NZD 396,000. Enjoy the ownership of a 144/m2 adaptive living house and land infrastructure package. The generational designed multi-keyed home has a 72/m2 private central master one-bedroom suite with kitchen, dining and lounge with two 36/m2 bedsits for children, granma or rental.

Tenants Enjoy. Employment opportunities, government-assisted rent and beneficiary allowances, fruit and vegetables from the on-site orchard and gardens, water harvesting and waste disposal, electricity from the solar installation, pre-school, business, healthcare, community and on-site recreational facilities.

Generational Living. Studies have shown significant lifestyle and mental health benefits in developing small rural residential subdivisions supported with 100% self-contained, environmentally friendly infrastructure within a short 15 minutes drive or off-road EV of healthcare facilities and a supermarket.

Protect The Environment

Self Contained Infrastructure

Climate Change. Each development will fully participate in the Government’s Climate Change Emergency and accept the 18 Papakainga Community Offices’ offer of funding all the costs and fees of obtaining the Resource & Building Consents required.  

Infrastructure. In partnership, the Future House team will develop the infrastructure for up to twenty environmentally self-contained off the grid 2,000/m2 serviced ‘Licence To Occupy’ sections, each with a development budget of NZD 96,000 but with a cost annually of water and electricity contributions. 

Environmental Protection.  Environmental protection includes a safe road gated entrance, on-site potable water & stormwater harvesting, water-saving appliances, greywater recycling & irrigation, sewerage composting, waste recycling with on-site solar, wind and biomass electricity generation. 

Facilities. Each house will have three-car parks a self-contained garage with a workshop and storage. Community facilities include a garden and orchard, tennis/basketball court, bowling green, pre-school and children’s playgrounds, healthcare, community meeting, recreation and work from home facilities. 

The Development

Let’s Get Started

The Land. The development locations are selected & confirmed by the trustees of the land. The Maori Land Court approves the process and the ‘Licence To Occupy’ agreement. The Maori Housing Network provides compliance funding. The parties agree upon the development structure and management.

Compliance. Future House commissions an architectural prepared bulk and location concept detailing each housing development infrastructure and layout supported with computer-generated real-life-like graphic renderings, development specifications, feasibility studies, management & timelines.

Marketing. The proposal for house ownership is circulated with an application form.  Request for house ownership requires the applicant’s job details with NZD 10,000 deposited to the development company’s trust account. Oversubscription results in a ballot with the losers having options in the next village.    

Compliance & Infrastructure. The NZD 10,000 deposits with the Te Puni Kokiri funding will fund the RMA, building consents, gate, road access, landscaping and fencing. The Papakainga partnership company requests the local referral of all the certified builders and trades and will facilitate their training.



Locations. Each Hapu establishes several preferred Papakainga development sites, subject to the number of houses required.  Each economic Papakainga unit of 20 homes as currently zoned requires 40,000m2 (4 ha) of land.

Land Owning Trust. Subject to an agreement by the Trustees, Future House suggests that each trust own a number of the houses. The generational multi-key two 36/m2 studios and the 72/m2 preliminary one-bedroom home provides spacious living for five permanent beneficiaries,  

Private Ownership. To own a house, the applicant can pay cash, or if a mortgage is required, the bank will require the owner to have a job that pays a minimum of NZD 50,000 after-tax. The owner pays the mortgage at NZD 300 a week, and the 2, 3 or 4 tenants in the two studios each pay NZD 150 a week.

Employment Opportunities. Each Pakakainga Village is self-contained provides several full and part-time jobs in maintaining the grounds, gardens, orchards, security, schooling, health, trades, and seasonal and permanent employment on the surrounding farms and communities.


Living Options

Multi-key House. The generational 144/m2 house design for NZD 396,000 includes the NZD 96,000 self-contained environmentally friendly infrastructure. Two 36/m2 bedsit studios support the primary 72m2 en-suite bedroom with family kitchen, dining, and lounge.  The deposit required is subject to bank criteria.    

Duplex House. The two-bedroom 72/m2 Duplex house design with alfresco living for NZD 199,000    includes a 50% share of the NZD 96,000 ‘Licence to Occupy’ infrastructure. The deposit required is subject to bank criteria.   

Studio House. The en-suite bed-sit 36/m2 house design with alfresco living for NZD 99,000 includes a 25% share of the NZD 96,000 ‘Licence to Occupy’ infrastructure. The deposit required is subject to bank criteria.    

Rental Options. The Multi-keyed 72/m2 primary en-suite unit (NZD 300 a week) plus the double flatmate contribution for the two 36/m2 bedsits (NZD150 a week) will pay down the cost of the home with a Kiwibank mortgage subject to market interest rates in less than fifteen years.  

Family Investment

Wealth Generation

First Home Buyer. The average marriage age is now thirty years, with most couples planning to have a family before age forty. Their ideal affordable but adaptable first home (including land use rights) would be the Papakainga NZD 396,000, 144/m2  multi-key, generational house, infrastructure and land package.   

Ownership Options. Before the children arrive and require the two bedsit studios, an option is to rent the two bedsit studios to help pay the mortgage. Homeownership options can include sole ownership, cross lease, shared, trust, or company with a Kiwibank ‘Te Kainga Whenua’ first mortgage facility. 

Retirement Option. An option is to sell the Generational Multi-keyed house later and use the proceeds to buy an urban home with surplus land near a preferred school. Then on the surplus land, build an Escape Living Bedsit house and use the rental to pay down the mortgage and later debt-free supplement the pension. 

Generational Wealth. A further option is to demolish the existing house and build two or more ‘Escape Living’ bedsit houses or a ‘No Name’ business centre or ‘Millennia’ terraces. Subject to the area set aside for family use, the development equity + rental + growth with refinancing will fund further development.

Secure Your Future

Regular ‘How-To’ Bulletins

Valuable invest or sell audit. Future House 15 design and build options obtain 4x rental yields with up to 40% development savings. Enjoy up to 100% take-out finance with risk and tax minimisation options.