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Community Living


People Before Profit

Approved Land. Papakainga Housing includes 1.4 million hectares of Maori freehold land approved for cluster housing (Hamlets), further supplemented by 175,000 of average size four-hectare lifestyle blocks.  Altogether 2.4 million hectares currently sits idly by, grazing a few horses, the odd cow and a few sheep.  

Less Than NZD396,000. Homeowners can enjoy the ownership of a 144m2 house and land infrastructure package. The generational designed multi-keyed home has a private central master one-bedroom suite with kitchen, dining and lounge with two 36m2 bedsits, for children, granma or rental.

Tenants Can Enjoy. Employment opportunities, government-assisted rent and beneficiary allowances, fruit and vegetables from the on-site orchard and gardens, water and waste disposal, electricity from the solar installation, pre-school, business, healthcare, community and on-site recreational facilities.

Generational Living. Studies have shown significant lifestyle and mental health benefits in developing small rural residential subdivisions with 100% self-contained, environmentally friendly infrastructure within a short 15 minutes drive of healthcare and a supermarket.

Government Support

Environmental Initiatives

The Prime Minister. The Government has provided a Climate Change Emergency & 18 Community  Support Offices to assist with the development & self-management of the environmentally friendly self-contained community housing initiatives, including funding for Resource Consent compliance fees.   

Infrastructure. Without Government subsidy, the landowners develop the infrastructure for up to twenty environmentally self-contained off the grid 2,000m2 serviced ‘Licence To Occupy’ sections each for less than NZD90,000 with a weekly land rental, water and electricity contribution. 

Environment Protection. The budget includes a gated driveway, on-site potable water and stormwater harvesting, use of water-saving appliance connections, greywater recycling, sewerage composting with on-site irrigation, waste recycling and disposal with on-site solar, wind and biomass electricity generation

Facilities. In addition to three-car parks, a self-contained garage with workshop and storage unit. Hothouse, garden and orchard, tennis/basketball court, bowling green, pre-school and children’s playground, healthcare facility and community meeting, recreation, business work from home facilities.


Community Housing

Generational House. Multi-keyed 144m2 home for less than NZD396,000 (includes NZD90,000 self-contained infrastructure) includes master 72m2 en-suite bedroom with family kitchen, dining and lounge with two 36m2 bedsits for children, granma or rental. Deposit subject to bank lending criteria.

Duplex House. Two-bedroom 72m2 Duplex home including alfresco living, priced from less than NZD199,000, including a 50% share of the NZD90,000 ‘Licence to Occupy’ infrastructure. Deposit subject to bank lending criteria.

Bed-Sit House. Four 36m2 bed-sits including alfresco living, priced from NZD99,000 including a 25% share of the NZD90,000 ‘Licence to Occupy’ infrastructure. Deposit subject to the bank lending criteria. 

Rental Option. Generational house, the 72m2 master en-suite unit (NZD400 a week) plus the double flatmate contribution for the two 36m2 bed-sits ($200 a week) will pay down the cost of the home with a Kiwibank mortgage in just ten years. 

Social Benefits

Future Generations

First Home Buyer. The average marriage age is now thirty years, with most couples planning to have a family before age forty. Their ideal affordable but adaptable first home (including land use rights) would be the Papakainga NZD396,000, 144m2  multi-key, generational house and land package.   

House Ownership. Before the children arrive and need the two bedsit rooms, an option is to rent the two bedsits to pay off the mortgage over the next ten years. Ownership options include sole, cross lease shared, trust, company with the Kiwibank ‘Te Kainga Whenua’ first mortgage facility up to NZD300,000.

Urban Re-Development. Later an option is to sell the generational house and use the proceeds as a deposit to buy a run-down urban house near a preferred school. Later demolish the run-down house and rebuild an ‘Escape Living’ bedsit or ‘No Name’ business centre.  

Wealth Creation. By the age of fifty, the goal is to own two or more debt-free 360m2 Escape Living Bedsits for family use and rental. Each Escape Bedsit house, subject to the number of bedsits set aside for personal use, initially pays down the mortgage and later debt-free supplements the pension.

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