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Home And Income

Fringe City Living. An Urban Terrace ‘Home & Income’ 400/m2 five-level terrace apartment is an alternative to a large five-bedroom house in the suburbs. It is also an attractive investment for people who prefer to access the wealth of their existing suburban home by investing in an urban business setting.  

Grand Mansion. Each terrace is secured in one title and designed as a five-level townhouse. The owner can choose personal and guest living, kitchen, formal dining, a gentleman’s bar, cigar/business/library, music room, home theatre, fitness centre, with alfresco roof-top garden and balconies.  

Business Offices. With stairs and a lift privately servicing all levels, the owner or tenant can fit out the terrace with a penthouse, studio apartments on the third level, office on the first and second levels and showroom and business centre on the ground floor.  

Home And Income. Options provide a choice of levels as a townhouse, with each remaining level fitted out in two 40/m2 studios or one 80/m2 one or two-bed apartment. Studio units can earn NZD 500 (more or less) weekly subject to area and building location.   

Fit-Out Options

Live And Rent

Penthouse Fit-Out. The ground and first floor can be fit-out as a luxurious 160/m2 two or three-bed unit or penthouse to a similar design or the whole building as a five-level townhouse. Several levels could also be commercial offices or 40/m2 studios.   

Alfresco Living. A large 40/m2 alfresco deck can be designed and added to provide a low-cost addition to the overall floor area. The alfresco living area can have a self-contained food prep & wash area, barbeque, refrigerator, six-seat dining table and lounge area.

Studio Fit-Out. The Urban Terrace studios with en-suites, wardrobe, refrigerator, kitchenette, dining, lounge, TV, desk and chair, with queen or single beds options. A furnishing option can be available for a rental, or the owner may prefer to rent the studio with no furniture.

Guest House. A bed and breakfast option for investor owners or employed management to manage and service the units. A popular alternative is to rent short term for a minimum stay of multiples of twenty-eight days.

Social Options

Government And Social Agencies

Community Housing. Permanent accommodation can also be a feature in preferred locations with shared living facilities with lift access and mobility features needed for older retirees or individuals looking to share at minimum cost to the taxpayer. 

Short-Term Accommodation. The Urban Terrace studio options provide a perfect transitional and emergency housing solution for Government, council, church or family-owned land developments.

Build On Existing Land. The Urban Terrace studio design provides both the Government and social agencies a perfect opportunity to provide affordable state housing in low-cost land areas close to health and community facilities.  

Job Opportunities. The factory-produced Future House ‘Hybrid Component’ build systems the Urban Terrace studios with onsite assembly by unskilled labour offers job opportunities with considerable savings through duplication of design, materials, time and labour.

Wealth Creation

Investment Options

Rental Yields. A fully rented three-level ‘Urban Terrace’ can earn gross weekly NZD 3,000 (more or less)  and a five-level NZD 5,000 (more or less) subject to the area and the Urban Terrace location. Each 40/m2 studio features a  kitchen, dining, lounge with alfresco living en-suite queen or single bed.

Business Tenants. Can claim back the GST on their Urban Terrace business expenses. The tenant can also claim a GST refund from the cost of their Urban Terrace business operation as an actual working from home business expense. 

Reinvest. An Urban Terrace studio investment is a genuine business; when claimed, the GST will reduce the initial investment if borrowed and the interest saved with the investor having the option to invest in a second or further Future House investment option.

Global Network. A self-funding opportunity exists for individuals or corporations to expand and develop the Future House global network. For partnership details, please email

Secure Your Future

Regular ‘How-To’ Bulletins

Valuable invest or sell audit. Future House 15 design and build options obtain 4x rental yields with up to 40% development savings. Enjoy up to 100% take-out finance with risk and tax minimisation options.