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The Power Of One

Whare-tu. The on-site Whare-tu and the functional Authentic Education curcumin provide post-college students with career choices, community service, trade, business and or a university degree.  Community housing, conference, practical business and service centres, wellness with recreational facilities provided.   

Career Options: Self-development, business, professional, community, education, universal, functional, and assisted healthcare, security, defence, border, civil, financial and cyber services: affordable quality, safe, healthy, sustainable house construction.  

Further Options. Safe-Food production of regenerative animal and seafood protein, vegetable, herbal & fruit growth. Environment, air, water & soil protection and rehabilitation. Renewable energy, wind, water, geothermal, solar & biomass options.  

Prime Objectives. To reduce unemployment, move families back to their rural environment to work the land to produce more sustainable and healthy lifestyles. The course includes students providing college farm labour, aged care, meal preparation, house construction, outsourced work etc., under supervision.

Authentic Education

Say Yes To Success

College Locations. ‘Whare-Tu’ colleges preferred locations are where productive land is available with development potential, subject to the availability of labour in particular rural activities that provide export potential. Each college requires about 10 ha of land, ideally located on a minimum of a 100 ha farm. 

Training Program. The students were selected on merit. Training includes an eight-month semester, twenty hours of unpaid conference and practical experience with tuition provided by the eight Authentic Education Pillars recruitment officers, plus twenty hours of paid on-site and off-site work experience. 

College Funding. The student can self-fund from the minimum wage college and local community part-time employment, the Government accommodation supplement, jobseeker subsidy and study allowance, which altogether provides over $600 weekly to cover food, accommodation and tuition fees.  

Job Creation.  Each ‘Whare-tu’ Authentic Education annual business goal is to create hundreds of new job opportunities, provide a substantial reduction in Government benefit payouts, to recreate vibrant rural regions with local employment, affordable quality healthy housing, educational and community facilities. 

Work As A Team

Create Opportunity

Real-Life Tasks. Authentic learning engages all the senses allowing students to create meaningful, beneficial, shared outcomes. Real-life tasks that connect directly to the real world. Learn how to build a house, grow the family food, search and research and implement new opportunities to improve family and community.

Housing Development.  The equal housing opportunity defines residential housing development, focusing on self-building adaptive integrated and resilient neighbourhoods that provide shelter, energy and nutrition so that families can become self-reliant.  


Community Services. Individuals tend to lose their status in our consumer society and become economically and politically manipulated through political analysis and electronic surveillance. The opportunity now exists for families and individuals to participate in a community that makes informed decisions. 


Business Services. Business is not about individuals who profit from others by exercising power over others. Business, however, can be kept very simple. Only by working as a team with authentic personal training in all 29-business disciplines with follow-up checks, one can say ‘Yes to Success.’

Make A Difference

Create Wealth

Build Affordable Housing. The manufacture of affordable, healthy regenerative hybrid exoskeleton twin-wall component housing. Geography located. A total of 21 NZ plants. Ownership can be by the Government, Maori Trust,  Humanitarian Foundation, a separate business entity, or a combination. 

Build Sustainable Housing. Rental income from ‘Escape Living’ community bedsits, conference, business, service and wellness centres. ‘Papakainga’ housing, Escape Living healthcare training facilities, assisted care and elderly facilities. ‘Whakata’ rest, refresh and park overnight and ‘Out Of The Way’ living facilities.

Grow Safe-Food. Without polluting NPK fertilisers and toxic herbicides and pesticides—farm beef, mutton, venison, dairy, pork, poultry & fish without hormones & antibiotics. Instead, use ‘Bio-Fil’ healthy environmental bacterial soil inoculation & ‘N2N’ photosynthesis growth Brix enhancement and plant protectors. 

Research Healthy Alternatives. ‘SIEE’ bio-mass ethanol fermentation and energy production, ‘CMx’ ceramic housing and infrastructure.‘D-Fenz’ anti-microbial virus, bacteria and mould protection, Non-toxic CBD extraction, pain & herbal health remedies.

Secure Your Future

Regular ‘How-To’ Bulletins

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