Whare-tu ‘The House That Stands’

Development Options

Future House is donating the licensing rights (No franchise or license fee) for the establishment in each of the seven Maori Electorates three strategically located component fabrication plants with a further six in the South Pacific Islands. 

Investor Benefits

Set-Up Cost: Plant, equipment, training, working capital. $1,000,000. Funding by the Government, the landowner, a humanitarian foundation, a separate business entity or a combination of all four. 

Net Profit: Average from $20,000 (SIP panels only) net profit per house x 50 houses. Up to $1,000,000 P.A.   

Ownership: Future House will donate the use of their multi-key designed component building system (no franchise or license fee) cost other than direct training, equipment & material supply.  

Social Benefits

Job Creation: 500 new job opportunities provide a substantial reduction in Government benefit payouts. An apprenticeship scheme is to be supplied by ‘Future House’ to include all in house architectural & engineering design & compliance requirements. 

Home Ownership: Minimum deposit of only $5,000 with Government deposit incentives for first homeowners & Kiwi Bank “Te Kainga Whenua” first mortgages. Multi-Key Studio rentals will cover any interest & principal payments.    

Existing Land:  Build 1,000 affordable, multi-key, multi-generational houses in the second year & 2,000 affordable, multi-key, multi-generational, accommodation houses in the third year.  

Meet The Desperate Need: The ‘Future House’ designed ‘Whare-tu Village’ development also provides the potential for subdivisions on existing Government, Council, church, school, rural & privately owned land.